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Living in Toulouse

Here is some practical information for living in Toulouse


How to get to INSA Toulouse from the airport:

  • you can take the airport shuttle called Aérocar line. A single ticket costs 8€ and the shuttle leaves the airport every 20 minutes for the city centre, “Gare Matabiau”, “Allées Jean-Jaurès” and “Place Jeanne-d'Arc”. In order to go to INSA Toulouse from the airport, take this shuttle to “Compans Caffarelli” then take the metro, in direction of Université Paul Sabatier and get off at “Faculté de Pharmacie”.
  • Tramway and metro: take the T2 tramway line to “Palais de Justice” and from there, take the metro to “Faculté de Pharmacie” (in direction of Université Paul Sabatier)
  • by car: take the ring road, in direction of Montpellier, exit 20


Once you are at INSA Toulouse, it is really easy to get around the city by:

  • Bus & metro: The nearest metro station from INSA is “Faculté de Pharmacie” (B line) and it only takes 15 minutes to go to the city centre. Several bus stops are situated near the school: line 23 and 80 at “INSA”, line 78 at “IUT Rangueil” and line 44 at “Pélude”.
    Students are entitled to discount metro and tram tickets and the Pastel Card. Check on Tisseo website for more information on tickets, cards and maps.
  • Car: students from the EEA must have a valid driving licence. Students from other countries must have an international driving licence issued in their home country.
  • Train: the main train station is Matabiau. The SNCF (National Rail Company) offers many services at reduced prices for students.
  • Coach/bus: the bus station is located near the train station - Address: 70 bd Pierre-Sémard, 31000 Toulouse
  • Bike: a few years ago, the city launched VélôToulouse, a bike renting system that consists of a 24h-access to bikes, available at special bike stations, spread all over the city. People can use a Toulouse bike whenever they need or take out a subscription. More information on VélôToulouse


Costs of living

Toulouse is an affordable city, especially for students. Renting an accommodation in the private market is around €450, depending on where you live in Toulouse.


Nonetheless, the transport cost is relatively cheap for people under 26. If you are under 26, you can have an unlimited annual access to bus, tramway and metro for €100. It is €10 for one month. If you do not use public transport that much, you can buy a Pastel Card for €8 and fill it whenever you want. For 10 tickets, it will cost you only €4. Students aged between 26 and 35 are entitled to reduced prices: €9.8 for 10 tickets.


Regarding food, students can enjoy a complete meal (entrance, main dish and dessert) for only €3.25, in every CROUS Restaurants (also called “Restaurant Universitaire” or RU). There are also cafeterias where student can buy sandwiches, quiches, hot meals, have a coffee break. Restaurants are opened everyday, during dinner time as well. On the INSA campus, there is a restaurant and a cafeteria as well (see Campus facilities).  



You will find it useful to open a current bank account in a French bank or at La Poste. In order to open an account, you will need to present your identity card and proof of address. Some banks require to see your residence permit.

Usually, banks are open from 9am to noon and from 2pm to 4pm. A passport is required for identification when cashing cheques (traveller's or ordinary cheques). Most banks have cash dispensers (ATM) that accept international credit cards.



In France, text messages within the French territory are usually unlimited. You can subscribe to a monthly plan or just buy a prepaid chip. If you need to call abroad, you may need a special subscription. Here are some of the most popular telephone companies, some of them also offer TV and Internet package:


International calls

Calling France from abroad: dial the country code (33) + 9 digits (do not dial 0)

Calling abroad: dial 00 + the country code + telephone number


Some international dialling codes

Germany: +49

Austria: 43

Belgium: +32

Colombia: +57

Canada: +1

Spain : 34

United States : +1

China: +86

Netherlands: +31

Italy: +39

Norway: +47

India: 91

United Kingdom: +44

Sweden: +46

Switzerland: +41

Thailand: +66

Argentina: +54

Brazil: +55

Chile: +56

Vietnam: +84


It is possible for students living at the INSA Residence 1 and Promologis residences (R2-R7) to get their own phone lines directly in their rooms by subscribing individually.


Visiting Toulouse

Toulouse is the fourth largest town in France, with more than 740 000 inhabitants including 130 000 students, making it the second largest university centre in France. This academic and university environment favours research and the development of high-tech industries in the Midi-Pyrenees region. Indeed, Toulouse is among the leaders in electronics and computing fields and also the European capital of aeronautics and space industries.


Thanks to its ideal geographical location and atmosphere, Toulouse is one of the best French city to live in. Also called the “pink city” because of the walls made of pink/red bricks, a local material, Toulouse is close to the Mediterranean sea (1h30), the Atlantic ocean (2h30) and the Pyrenees (1h). It is really easy to go hiking in the mountains or go swimming and if you feel like staying in Toulouse,the city will provide you plenty of activities to do during weekends: shopping, visiting museums, walking along the Garonne river or the Canal du Midi, have a brunch in one of the parks situated in the city centre... You will never get bored! Moreover, with its climate, its gastronomy, its cultural environment and traditions in sports, Toulouse offers to its inhabitants an exceptional quality of life.


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