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Civil Liability Insurance

In order to finalise their enrolment, students must subscribe to a Civil Liability Insurance that covers the risks listed below. This type of insurance guarantees the repair of damages that may be caused by the student to a third person or animal, to possessions for which they are legally responsible or to their accommodation, regardless of whether the damages were caused through negligence or not.


Risks to be covered:

  1. Civil Liability – private life (Assurance Responsabilité civile vie privée)
  2. Civil Liability – student life (including internship)


We strongly advise that you take out this insurance before arriving in France, via ADH Insurance (formula 3) for instance.


If you are not already covered, you must take out a civil liability insurance contract. 

You can buy it in France:

  • through LMDE or VITTAVI which are complementary medical insurances for students
  • through an accommodation insurance: the personal liability insurance may be included in the accommodation insurance, the latter being compulsory also for your accommodation in Toulouse.


Several insurance policies (e.g. car and home insurances) include Civil Liability, but it may be limited. If you have already taken out such an insurance policy, find out exactly what it covers as you need to know whether the cover it provides is adequate.