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Promologis Residences

Seven residences managed by Promologis : R2 – R3 – R4 – R5 – R6 – R7 - R8

Promologis – régie logements Etudiants

Résidence INSA R3

8 allées des sciences appliquées

31400 Toulouse

Phone number.: (+33) 826 302 302


These 7 residences are situated on campus.

Each studio (20m²) is equipped with:

  • a kitchen area – sink, fridge, 2 hotplates,
  • bathroom area - shower, toilet, bidet, washbasin,
  • individual heating – 2 radiators,
  • fixed furnishing – cupboard under the sink, cupboard above the sink, table with electric socket for mini-oven or microwave oven, work top,
  • connections for TV aerial and telephone,
  • bed base (no mattress),
  • table, chair and stool.

Promologis proposes other services: rental of mattresses, crockery, bed linen, and cleaning services.

Residences 5 and 6 have six study rooms, a weights room and a dance room.

Residences 2 and 7 also contain larger apartments (T3) which several students may share. The residences have a lift (except residences 4 – 5 – 6) and common rooms on each floor. Residence 3 has appartments (T1bis type) of 30 m² for couples.

A concierge is present in each residence.


The studios managed by Promologis are reserved for INSA students who may apply directly to Promologis: tel. 0826 302 302.

The lease is signed by the student and Promologis. The student must take out an insurance policy and may take a telephone subscription.

Conditions of payment

The residences are owned by Promologis and students sign a lease with this company. Rent must be paid at the end of each month to Promologis. Students may apply for an accommodation allowance and receive financial support from the CAF.

Average rent

  • T1: 435€ to 475€ (all inclusive).
  • T1 bis: 485€ to 550€  (all inclusive).

Students must also pay

  • the annual housing tax,
  • a deposit equivalent to one month’s rent.