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Dorms on INSA Campus

INSA Toulouse is located on the Rangueil campus in the south-east side of Toulouse, accessible by using exits 20 ou 23 oh the urban highway  - Subway line B : Faculty of pharmacy or Rangueil station  - Bus lines 23 and 80: bus stop INSA  - Line 78: bus stop IUT Rangueil - Line 44: bus stop Pélude.


Be careful, housing places are limited on the campus and students are selected according to their social status. That is to say that your application for an housing on INSA campus does not assure you an accommodation.


There are several possibilities of accommodation:

  • The R1 CROUS-INSA residence: 

    Centrally located on the campus of INSA Toulouse and offers 221 student rooms, which are attributed in priority to students enrolled at INSA on the basis of social criteria. Rents range from 189.50€ to 332.50€.

    Description of the rental conditions and services



How to apply for lodgment in the RI CROUS-INSA residence for the beginning of the new School year 2018-2019


  • Step 1:  Apply for a DSE (Student Social File) on MSE (MY Student Services) via

https://messervicesetudiants.gouv.fr/ section 

by using the passwords received by email  from PARCOURSUP following your registered registration.



If you do not register on PARCOURSUP, you must create your account directly on MSE.


  • Step 2:   As soon as you know that you are admitted to INSA Toulouse, complete the form that

concerns you:

                   -  Waiting list form 2018-2019 national students

                   -  Waiting list form 2018-2019 international students



  • Step 3:  Send your complete file before June 17, 2018 only by email on residence1.crous-insa @ insa-toulouse.fr



A remitting committee will meet on week 25. Admission or refusal notifications will be sent only by email before June 30, 2018. 


Incomplete files will not be treated



All complete files arriving after June 17, 2018 will be placed on a waiting list.  Lodging proposals will

be made on a continuous-flow, depending on availability, up to July 20, 2018.


The hotel service CROUS INSA will be closed from 21/07/2018 to 21/08/2018. From August 22, 2018,

proposals will be made again on a continuous –flow, and that, up until full occupancy of the residence.