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Campus facilities

Situated at the main entrance of INSA, an information and reception desk is open 24h a day.



The reception desk is in charge of receiving and sending mail to and for students. Mail for students living in the R1 residence is distributed daily. If students need to send letters or cards, they can leave everything (already stamped) at the reception desk, which will take care of sending mail for them everyday before 3pm, except on Saturday.  



In order to guarantee individuals’ safety and goods on campus, several measures have been taken:

  • safety barriers at the entrance and exit of INSA
  • access to campus with a multifunction chip
  • night watch


Multiservices personal chip

Since 2015, a new multiservice chip has been launched in order to facilitate payment on campus and in CROUS restaurants or cafeterias, called IZLY.

IZLY is a new payment method integrated to a multiservice card, which allows students and staff members to pay for several services within the CROUS network and universities. IZLY offers an online app, also available in your mobile phone’s app store. There are three ways of crediting your IZLY card:

  • directly from your bank account (min. €5)
  • by credit card (min. €30)
  • by your IZLY account (max. 150€)

On campus, you can either pay with your IZLY card or mobile phone in CROUS restaurants, cafeterias, vending machines, printing machines and launderettes situated in student residences.


CROUS restaurant and cafeteria

Opened between 11:30am and 1:15pm, the restaurant provides several cheap meals, for all tastes. A complete meal (1 entrance, 1 main dish and 1 dessert) for students costs €3.25. The payment can only be made by multi-service card

There is also a smaller cafeteria that offers self-service, salads, warm snacks, sandwiches, desserts and hot and cold drinks. Opening hours: 8am-10:50am; 11:20am-15pm; 7pm-8:15 (except on Friday)

Payment by IZLY card or cash.



Students and staff can use INSA’s central Library (Bib'INSA) and the libraries of the different departments.


The software used by Bib'INSA gives access to the catalogues of 11 university libraries in Toulouse (including UPS and ENSEEIHT) and it is possible to borrow the works found in these catalogues.


Consult the website of Bib'INSA