Accommodation options
at INSA Toulouse

Located on the Rangueil scientific complex (south-east of Toulouse), INSA Toulouse can be reached:

  • By car: take exits n°20 or n°23 on the beltway (ring road)
  • By metro (Line B): get off at Rangueil or Faculté de Pharmacie
  • By bus: lines 23 and 80 (INSA bus stop), line 78 (IUT Rangueil bus stop), line 44 (Pélude bus stop)

A number of accommodation options are available to INSA students.

The CROUS–INSA R1 residence

Résidence étudiante R1

Located on campus, INSA’s R1 Residence boasts 234 apartments on 6 floors:
• 154 rooms
• 13 shared studios
• 42 individual studios
• 12 PRM studios (reserved for persons with reduced mobility)

The building has two elevators that provide access up to the 5th floor.

Rental conditions and services of the CROUS–INSA R1 residence


All accommodation types are equipped with a desk, chair or stool (depending on the height of the desk), mobile table and closet, as well as a kitchenette with stainless steel sink, sink cabinet, high cabinet, electric hotplates, exhaust hood and refrigerator.
They also include a shower room with shower, washstand and toilet. PRM rooms feature accessibility options (including grab bars).

All accommodation options are equipped with a DTIO box for individual fiber (subscription-based) access, while some of them have an RJ45 socket with access to the INSA network.
Individual rooms are equipped with pull-out beds, while studios (individual, shared or PRM) are equipped with single beds. All accommodation types feature slatted bed bases and mattresses with covers. Students must provide their own towels and household linen.

Facilities and maintenance

Hallways and common areas are maintained by CROUS service staff. In the interests of hygiene and respect for others, tenants are responsible for cleaning their accommodation on a regular basis.

  • Mail
    Mail is delivered daily to individual mailboxes located at 7–9 Allée des Sciences Appliquées.
  • Internet
    Internet access is provided to all accommodation types through individual fiber (subscription-based) access. Most accommodations provide a RJ45 connection to the INSA network. You will receive your login details when you register at INSA.

The monthly rent for the academic year 2023-2024 is:

  • €210 for a ~10 m² room
  • €298 per person for a 30 m² shared studio (15 m² single room with washstand + 15 m² shared area for both tenants)
  • €380 for a ~15 m² studio

These rates include rent and utility charges. Lease is granted for a period of 12 months per full academic year, starting on September 1.

Rent is due by the 10th of each month, to be paid:

  • online: ( under “cité’u”)
  • directly at the CROUS-INSA Hospitality Service by credit card, check or cash
Accommodation terms and conditions

Before their arrival, students must sign the residence internal regulations.

Failure to comply with these rules may result in penalties, including exclusion from the accommodation.

Students are responsible (including financial responsibility) for the equipment and furniture made available to them. Existing furniture may not be disassembled and must remain inside the room without being moved. When first moving into the accommodation, the student must record the condition of their housing and notify of any irregularities; this document is to be signed jointly by the residence management and the student.

Upon departure, an inspection of the initial inventory is performed jointly by the residence management and the student. The student will be charged for any damage caused, according to rates determined by the CROUS Board of Directors for the current year.

Residents may not change or add locks. Any repair requests (shutter blinds, broken locks, electrical outlets, faucets, smoke detectors, etc.) should be addressed to the CROUS–INSA accommodation service by email. The logistics team will be notified immediately.

Damage repair costs relating to communal areas are shared by all tenants.


In case of fire, accident or any other problem (night disturbance, theft, assault, etc.), please alert the on-duty staff at the INSA Reception Desk, open 24/7. Phone: 05 61 55 95 13.

If the fire alarm is triggered, please evacuate the building immediately.

The emergency response guide, emergency evacuation plan and fire extinguisher locations are posted on all floors.

The residence can be accessed by magnetic key and intercom.

Any irregularities must be reported to the CROUS–INSA accommodation service by email:

Request accommodation in the CROUS-INSA R1 residence
2023-2024 waiting list

Step 1: Apply for a Student Social File (DSE) on the platform “Mes Services Étudiant”

Please note that this step only applies to national students!

Step 2: Complete the appropriate form

Download and complete the form that applies to your situation:

Step 3: Submit your complete application file (email only)

Send your complete application to:

Incomplete applications will not be considered.

Off-campus CROUS Residence halls

The CROUS residence halls closest to INSA Toulouse are Tripodes B, Tripodes C, Colonel Roche and Olympe de Gouges.


Residence halls (R2 – R8) managed by Promologis

A total of 7 Promologis residence halls are available to INSA Toulouse students (6 in the INSA campus center and another one a 10-minute walk away), totaling 1,415 accommodation options. Priority is given to students enrolled at INSA. Rents range from €380 to €460, including all taxes.



Hospitality Service

(+33) 05 61 55 99 44


(+33) 09 70 82 84 60

INSA Toulouse
135 avenue de Rangueil
31077 Toulouse cedex 4
Tél : 05 61 55 95 13
Fax : 05 61 55 95 00

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