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Bertrand Raquet
Director of INSA Toulouse

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INSA Toulouse
Institut National des Sciences Appliquées
135 Avenue de Rangueil
31077 Toulouse Cedex 4
Phone: 05 61 55 95 13


INSA Toulouse


Website design

Agence CosiWeb
Création de sites web WordPress sur Toulouse
18, place Marnac
31520 Ramonville Saint-Agne
RCS Toulouse 490 825 916

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Baptiste Hamousin

Improvements to the website

For those seeking further information, we have included below a detailed explanation of the key improvements used to shape this new, more eco-responsible website.
Our work followed the recommendations of “Ecoconception web : les 115 bonnes pratiques”, 4th edition.

UX improvements that enhance user experience
– Overall revision of the existing content, seeking to eliminate superfluous text and retain only essential information.
– Analysis of target audiences and user needs to ensure that information can be found as quickly and easily as possible.
– Identification of the most frequently accessed and consulted pages, so as to facilitate finding information as quickly as possible.
– Removal of obsolete content and repurposing of relevant content to reduce the number of pages, clicks and page load times (resulting in less data to load and store).
– Optimized browsing based on UX, streamlining tasks in line with the “I’m looking for…” philosophy. Since the website has only three levels of architecture, all information can be accessed with a maximum of three clicks.

UI Design improvements that enhance user experience and awareness of the school’s values
– Optimization of the new website’s graphic design, using a maximum of three colors
(optimization of light/dark spaces, since a dark layout requires less electrical power than a bright one).
– Elaborate design for summary pages and lighter design for follow-up theme pages.
– Website developed according to responsive design standards.
– Number and quality of images, image size and weight (500 KB on average for large images) streamlined, combining illustrations and photographs. A balance was struck between aesthetics, functionality and eco-responsibility.
– Removal of unnecessary videos and streamlining of essential ones (about 1:30 minutes in length), favoring compression and external storage and disabling automatic playback.
– Use of fewer fonts.
– Optimized editing of direct content, simpler and more efficient, resulting in more readily available information in accordance with WordPress SEO standards.
– Compression of downloadable documents.
– PDF optimization.

A new website that showcases the human side and thus our identity
– Art direction featuring only actual images of people working at INSA. Students, teachers and staff are showcased, so as to deliver a website that accurately represents INSA and its humanistic values.
– Involvement of the various departments at different stages of the website’s development (wireframing, content writing with editorial templates, and user pretests to ensure the availability of all necessary information).

Inclusiveness-centered changes that enhance the website’s accessibility
– Simple, contrast-aware design accessible to the widest possible range of devices and people.
– Integration of a handicap-accessible version, following guidelines on naming conventions for website image files and on image descriptions when integrating visual elements. To be updated regularly.

Technical improvements that maximize the digital impact of visits
– Local hosting at INSA.
– Use of modern, widespread technology (WordPress CMS).
– Removal of non-essential functionalities.
– Implementation of a page caching system.
– Cache preloading (the system automatically detects the website sitemap, saving all URLs in the database and ensuring that the cache is always preloaded).
– Link preloading (improves perceived loading time by automatically downloading a page when the user mouses over its corresponding link).
– Progressive lazy loading (images, iframes and videos are loaded only as they enter—or are about to enter—the window).
– Streamlining of JavaScript files to reduce their size.
– Deferred JavaScript execution.
– Delayed JavaScript loading.

INSA Toulouse
135 avenue de Rangueil
31077 Toulouse cedex 4
Tél : 05 61 55 95 13
Fax : 05 61 55 95 00

For the sake of simplicity and with no gender-discrimination intent, the masculine gender is used as an epicene.