Support for students
with disabilities

The values and identity culture of INSA include welcoming and supporting a wide range of students and supporting equal opportunities.

As part of the Student and University Life Department, the INSA Toulouse Disability Center welcomes and supports students with temporary or permanent disabilities, as well as students with health disorders or learning difficulties (such as “dys” disorders).

The support offered is undertaken in conjunction with the Department of Studies and the physician appointed by the CDAPH, in close collaboration with the INSA teaching teams, social service assistant, nurse and psychologist.

In agreement with the student, the Disability Center coordinates the implementation of tailored arrangements and assistance for classes, tutorials, practical work, physical and sporting activities, internships, exchange trips abroad, etc.

The center also arranges special measures during examinations.

Specific arrangements

Adjustments to the training program

Study arrangements:

  • Extension of studies (1 year in 2 years or 2 years in 3 years)
  • Adjustments to language classes
  • Adjustments to physical and sporting activities
  • Adaptation of practical work
  • Course materials in digital format

Technical support:

  • Use of adapted equipment in class
  • Equipment loan: laptop for examinations, tablets, noise-canceling headphones, etc.
  • Adapted teaching materials

Personal assistance:

  • Note takers
  • Peer tutoring or extra tutoring

Examination arragements

  • Additional examination time
  • Private examination room
  • Loan of special equipment
  • Exam secretariat
  • Adapted examination materials
  • Special arrangements for the TOEIC test
  • Authorization to leave the examination room on demand
  • Special oral examination arrangements for hearing-impaired students (on a case-by-case basis)


How to benefit from these arrangements? 

Students must make an appointment with the physician appointed by the CDAPH and send him/her their medical records and a list of arrangements they have benefited from throughout their education.

Please contact the physician by email to make an appointment and submit your medical records. 


SIMPPS physician appointed by the CDAPH:

Vidiane Jaoul |


Disability counselor: Véronique Torregrossa

Disability Center coordinator: Joëlle Coussinoux

Open from Monday to Friday

Phone: 05 61 55 95 97 |

Location: SVEU, First floor Building 20 – Offices A and D

INSA Toulouse
135 avenue de Rangueil
31077 Toulouse cedex 4
Tél : 05 61 55 95 13
Fax : 05 61 55 95 00

For the sake of simplicity and with no gender-discrimination intent, the masculine gender is used as an epicene.