Double degrees:
parallel learning pathways

Double diplôme

In parallel
with the classic engineering curriculum


INSA Toulouse offers engineering students (under regular student status only) several parallel learning paths leading to a double degree.


With the Toulouse School of Management


Selected students complete their engineering training by enrolling in a Master’s degree in Management at the Toulouse School of Management, on the basis of a 4th– and 5th-year mixed curriculum. This pathway trains engineers to become specialized leaders in innovation project management, business development, finance (corporate and trade) and international management. Students can apply in their 3rd year.

There are four Master’s programs on offer, which are available to all INSA specializations.

Innovation Management

The Master’s degree in Innovation Management seeks to train engineering managers specialized in innovation management in SMEs, industrial groups and service companies. The program focuses on preparing students to manage innovation projects, launch new products and businesses, and implement services with high added value.

This Master’s degree is available for 5th-year students with work-study contracts.

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Business development

The Master’s degree in Business Development seeks to train managers capable of guiding companies—especially SMEs—in their growth strategy in a landscape of changing, globalized markets. Students develop excellent command of business case analysis techniques and strategic initiative implementation in hyper-dynamic environments.

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The Master’s degree in Finance curriculum offers a rigorous training program, covering the foundations of finance during the 1st year and offering students the option to specialize in one of three fields during the 2nd year (Corporate Finance, Financial Markets and Risk Evaluation, or Finance and Information Technology). The program is based on a variety of teaching methods, ranging from lectures to case studies and team projects. Our graduates are highly sought after by French and international recruiters, such as banks, consultancies, large multinationals and asset management firms, among others.

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International management

Are you looking for an international career? Are you attracted by the idea of guiding companies to develop their international business? Do you feel inspired by working with people from different cultures? Then the Master in International Management is just for you! This Master’s program is entirely taught in English and designed for International and French university graduates. It is highly selective, targeting students with a strong motivation to work in an international environment and who are ready to develop competencies required by globally operating companies.




With the Toulouse Business School


Through the partnership signed with TBS, INSA Toulouse offers its students an internationally recognized education program that allows them to further develop their managerial skills, with no additional registration fees. This double degree supports engineering students who aim to become “engineering managers”, enabling them to take on positions such as business engineer, project manager, product manager, industrial buyer, entrepreneur, profit center manager and consultant.

Students can choose between two Master’s programs taught partially or fully in English, running in parallel with the INSA curriculum:

Master of Science (as part of the 5th year)

INSA 5th-year students who have successfully completed their education at TBS obtain a Master of Science (MSc), attesting to their specialization in an MSc chosen from a specific list available in the Toulouse region.

A total of 10 places are available.

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Master in Management (Grande École)

INSA 5th– and 6th-year students who have successfully completed their education at TBS obtain a Master in Management (Grande École program at TBS), as well as a Master of Science in their chosen specialization. This applies to all MSc offered by TBS, some of which are offered in sandwich courses.

This double Master’s degree offers a more comprehensive management training over three semesters, following the ninth semester curriculum at INSA.

Advantages: comprehensive INSA engineering training, supplemented by an exclusive management course corresponding to the 1st and 2nd years of master’s studies for TBS students.

A total of 5 places are available.

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With the Toulouse School of Architecture (ENSA)


At the beginning of their 3rd year, selected students who joined INSA Toulouse from the 1st year can choose to complete their civil engineering training by pursuing an “architecture course”, offered in partnership with ENSA. Students who have acquired the requisite credits will have the opportunity to enroll in a Master’s degree in Architecture at ENSA Toulouse.

Civil Engineering track

Read a detailed description of the curriculum in the Civil Engineering track here.


For further information, please refer to the website of the Toulouse School of Architecture.

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Sciences Po Toulouse & INSA Toulouse

This degree helps students develop a deeper understanding of international socio-political issues and their relationship with the technology of tomorrow. Through its specialized curriculum, students are trained into high-caliber, open-minded managers highly skilled in both engineering and social sciences, capable of deciphering the political, societal and economic issues behind technical solutions.

The INSASciences Po Toulouse double degree scientific leader will possess the technical, socio-cultural and political background needed for strategic and operational decision-making when working in an international NGO, a major industrial group, a public organization, or a Deep Tech start-up.



Double degree students are registered at both Sciences Po Toulouse and INSA Toulouse, which means they must pay registration fees at both schools. During the 1st to 4th years at Sciences Po Toulouse, students pay registration fees two brackets below the bracket they would normally pay, which results in registration fees no higher than €3,000 per year.



Students who have applied for both the “INSASciences Po Double Degree” and the “INSA Group” are required to pay a single application fee of €105 for the two courses. This does not apply to those who have applied to both “Sciences Po” and “INSASciences Po Double Degree”.

If you have any questions about applying for a double degree (financial or otherwise), please send an email to

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