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The ECIU challenges, a formative educational dynamic

Since 2020, the ECIU University Alliance ( and its European partners—which include the INSA Group—have been offering new challenges for 3rd-, 4th– and 5th-year students. Through these challenges, students acquire new skills, work in European multidisciplinary teams and forge new networks with a wide range of stakeholders (industrial players, local authorities, associations, and students from all over Europe).

The challenges represent concrete problems for which these stakeholders strive to find innovative solutions, and they all address the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 11 (Sustainable Cities and Communities). Successfully completing these challenges leads to skill recognition in the form of ECTS credits.

The challenges are freely available on a single platform :

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Micro-modules to acquire specific skills

In addition to the challenges, also available are micro-modules (small, independent course blocks typically between 1 and 3 ECTS) that help learners acquire the necessary skills to successfully complete the challenge.

Mobility opportunies offered by INSA in the context of ECIU Challenge

To learn more about mobility opportunities offered by INSA in the context of ECIU challenge and/or micro-module participation, please visit (you will need your INSA account credentials to access the site).

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