Every year, INSA entrepreneurs launch new businesses and numerous students receive guidance in their innovation projects.

INSA Toulouse offers a wide range of schemes to nurture these initiatives.

The measures proposed by INSA Toulouse

The INSA method is based on a multi-stage system, covering everything from awareness-raising to expert support over the five years of education:

  • encouraging the entrepreneurial spirit through a targeted teaching approach;
  • stimulating entrepreneurship through multi-partner events;
  • transforming ambition into success with the support of the INSA Foundation and the national Student–Entrepreneur status;
  • offering support at the highest level with the help of expert managers, scientists and networking professionals.

Several levels of commitment are offered to students to better meet their expectations.

Raising awareness of business creation

Right from the start of their studies, students have the opportunity to attend conferences and round tables featuring testimonials from alumni and entrepreneurs. Various events are also organized in conjunction with partner schools to encourage entrepreneurship.

Education for entrepreneurs


  • Introductory modules: students can take introductory modules on business creation, including “Business Creation Basics”, “ChArtE – the Art of Entrepreneurship (in collaboration with the Toulouse School of Architecture) and “Creating Your Own Business”.
  • Double degrees offered in conjunction with the Toulouse Business School (TBS) and Toulouse School of Management (TSM) help students develop dual technical/technological and managerial skills, leading to engineering manager profiles.
    Learn more about INSA double degrees
  • Entrep’Occitanie: this five-month program is led by entrepreneurs and experts, training students to hone their thinking skills and create new business models that respect the environment and inclusiveness.
    Learn more: https://www.lesentrep.fr/
  • Participation in competitions: students can participate in a wide range of competitions to develop their innovation skills (iGEM, NI, TIM, CRECE, Prix Pépite, etc.).
Support for business creation
  • Student–Entrepreneur status

INSA students are eligible for the national Student–Entrepreneur status (SNEE), which can benefit from project support:
– the possibility of replacing an internship with an entrepreneurial project;
– academic flexibility;
– the student or recent graduate can enroll in the Student–Entrepreneur Degree (D2E) issued by the University of Toulouse;
– joint supervision from a dedicated structure and a teacher-researcher or entrepreneur (via IAT);
– networking with relevant stakeholders.

  • “Coup de pouce Jeune INSA entrepreneur” project grants

The INSA Toulouse Foundation sponsors original, entrepreneurial and civic initiatives from INSA students and PhD candidates. A support fund has been created to encourage entrepreneurship and business creation, made possible by the sponsorship of graduate engineers and partner companies.

For more information: https://fondation.insa-toulouse.fr/fr/bourses/bourses-entrepreneuriat.html

  • The Pépite scheme

Throughout France, a large number of student–entrepreneurs benefit from the Pépite France scheme, which brings together the 33 student centers for innovation, technology transfer and entrepreneurship (known as Pépites). The Pépites aim to strengthen entrepreneurial culture and innovation in higher education, by implementing activities focused on awareness-raising, training and guidance.

Pépite France helps students and recent graduates by bridging their business creation projects with companies and support and funding structures.

Pépite ECRIN (Entreprendre, Créer, Reprendre et INnover) is a program devoted to fostering entrepreneurial culture in MidiPyrénées higher education institutions.

For more information: http://www.univ-toulouse.fr/formation/entrepreneuriat-etudiant/le-pole-ecrin

  • TBS Seeds Incubator

By joining forces with TBS and offering INSA engineering students access to the TBS Seeds incubator, INSA Toulouse supports business creation and takeover in the Midi-Pyrénées region and fosters mixed engineer-manager and engineer-only projects.

For more information: http://incubateurgesct.blogspot.fr/

Tools for developing your ideas
  • Fabric’INSA: The fab lab of INSA Toulouse

Fabric’INSA is a fun and friendly workshop to express your ideas and creativity, boasting a wide range of machines and tools to cater for all kinds of projects.

For more information: http://www.fabric-insa.fr

  • An INSA entrepreneurs’ club with the IAT (INSA Alumni Toulouse)

The IAT brings together a large number of INSA Toulouse entrepreneurs, who meet on a regular basis to exchange ideas on entrepreneurship and business creation experiences.

INSA entrepreneurs mentor young creators, helping and supporting them through the creation, operation and innovation of their businesses.

  • BOOGIE-U: a unique opportunity for INSA and the regional ecosystem

Boogie-U is an entrepreneurship support system for for students and young researchers, both in France and across Europe.

  • The “Catalyseur”: third place project pre-incubator on the Rangueil campus

A hub dedicated to entrepreneurship and innovation, the Catalyseur works as a project pre-incubator that boasts four distinct zones: a coworking space, a prototyping space (fab lab), a showroom and a common room.

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