Special support and guidance
at INSA Toulouse

INSA Toulouse has implemented a tailored support policy as part of its inclusiveness efforts, seeking to offer the best possible study conditions to all its students. Whether at the educational, social, entrepreneurial or financial level, we offer a range of support and guiding services for you.

Accompagnement pédagogique sur mesure

Tailored educational support

INSA Toulouse encourages pluralist pedagogies adapted to each student. The learning environment must facilitate the development of collaborative skills, autonomy and responsibility by offering a range of approaches depending on the student’s profile (online courses, interactive tools, serious games, remediation tools, etc.).

Disability support

INSA Toulouse welcomes and supports students with temporary or permanent disabilities, as well as students with health disorders or learning difficulties (such as “dys” disorders). A team of teaching staff and health professionals can organize tailor-made arrangements and personalized assistance for students, so that they can make the most of their studies.

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Accompagnement handicap
Accompagnement entrepreneurial

Entrepreneurial guidance

A unit dedicated to innovation and entrepreneurship guides and supports business creation initiatives of INSA engineering and PhD students. The INSA method is based on a multi-stage system over the 5 years of study, covering everything from awareness raising to expert support through the national Student–Entrepreneur status.

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Financial and material assistance

INSA Toulouse is committed to providing equal opportunities and guiding students to success. The institute offers a wide range of financial and material assistance schemes, as well as scholarships based on social and academic criteria.


Aides financières et matérielles
Job étudiant

Student jobs

INSA Toulouse offers part-time jobs to students who meet specific social criteria, so as to help them balance study and work and improve their quality of life. These jobs include working in the library, the university restaurant or the Physical and Sporting Activities Center.

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International mobility grants

Engineering students are required to spend 16 weeks abroad as part of an internship or exchange semester at a partner university. Several grants from INSA and its partner organizations are available to that end and can be accessed by scholarship and non-scholarship holders.

Aide à la mobilité internationale

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